(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh -  - Chapter One - Personal Development)

Always hold yourself accountable, do what's right, keep your integrity, look after yourself and your body, do what is the best for you..

**** Even when no one is watching you*****

Don't ever think your life doesn't *mean* anything; even if it means nothing to anyone else, make it mean something TO YOU!

Even if no one cares for you, or no one remembers you or your life or what you have done or gone through, go and Have your OWN Life!

Record your own experiences, make your own goals and achieve them, because YOU always matter.

You are on this journey alone, despite the fact that you have people all around you, you may even be greatly influential, but this is still your journey, your experiences, and no one can experience your life with you and see through your eyes, and at some point in life whether early or late in your years, you will experience time on your own, perhaps feeling lost because you relied on others or your Job to 'fill in' your life for you, but instead of viewing this as a bad thing, use it as a blessing to really experience life the way YOU want it. Use it as a way to find out what you really like to do; to connect with what makes you happy.....

There is a reason we are here to experience life and we do take what we know with us when we go; what we did, what we will be held accountable for, and what we learned...


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