POEM - 'Who Do You Want To Be'? - Poem By Helen Leigh

(from - Life and Lessons Poetry By Helen Leigh)

I'm not going to write of Politics and Economy,
I see no reason to bitch about the;
Who, What, Whys and Wanna-be's,
This loop has been repeating for decades and centuries,
And now it's time to stop and take stock of all your pleasantries.

I wish I didn't know what down and out was like,
Or that I know, there are those,
Who strive to make you fight,
What I do want to say is that the only thing you have,
Is yourself and your heart,
And your will to expand.

I wonder why we make the world as small as ourselves,
The limits and the Boundaries,
The mind-numbing hells.
I will never understand why we always feel inadequate,
Like the 'Sure' is unobtainable,
And we compare like we can't handle it.

Why must we feel down if we are not recognisable,
Why must our achievements be of material appraisal,
What is the real and the truth and the free,
What does it mean to be more than just a being.

These are the questions that loop for decades and centuries,
The real: Who, What's, Whys,
And the people you really Wanna-be.


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