(from - Love and Appreciation Poetry By Helen Leigh)

'Love' part 1
By Helen Leigh

My heart beat flickers, then it quivers,
And as the beat quickens,
So the rise of love begins,
And the endorphins like in dolphins,
Emerging from the water,
Spraying salty drops like sequence,
And so it begins,
In a shower of diamonds,
We are without ends,
And our path only bends,
When we turn our heads,
But thats just the light refracting,
And within that attracting,
The facets shine a million reflections divine,
And all within your eye, you shine,
Share with me yours,
And I'll share you mine,
Let love be you guide.

‎'Love' Part 2
By Helen Leigh

Run to the edge with me,
And feel the rush of expectancy,
When the tendancy Is to hold back, Just let go,
I'll hold you close to me.
Life is your intention, Not for tense-In',
Lay down your pretention,
Because the real you is the lesson.

Anything you want you can have,
There's a rainbow in your bag,
And it's up for grabs.

The silver lining its always there,
Inside you shining,
And what is missed isn't lost,
It was just the timing.

So run with me my friend,
'Cause there is no edge,
And the ledge?
It's pretend...

And all will unfold,
In the perfectness as it was,
As it is,
From beginning to end.


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