(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh - http://thoughtstomakeyouthink.doomby.com  - Chapter One - Personal Development)

Depression, Sorrow, Anxiety are not a 'Mystery' they definitely have a cause and affect and a completely logical explanation, they are not something out of your control, they do not surprise attack you, and like all afflictions, it is always a result of something you are doing or not doing or overdoing; and you do have control over how you feel, even if you 'Think, you, Feel, you don't'.

Everyone has experienced Depression, it is common and a natural response. If it was more embraced than feared and we were taught about how to manage our feelings in our society, rather than pretend we are fine and put on an ego face; (that somehow being happy and having 'things' means you are superior) then depression would surely not be as bad and so extreme in its consequences. So in saying this;

The simple cause of depression is that you are Wanting or Desiring something you can't have, it is loss, even if you feel their is no direct reason, you are perhaps doing too much or struggling to get something, weather physical or emotional, and your body is telling you to slow down and stop.

But no matter the reason The cure is simple for both Depression and Anxiety, which is: Discipline and Switching off (rest)

When you feel low you loose energy and this makes you susceptible to what is around you, you don't have the energy to batten off negativity and reassure yourself/council yourself into feeling better, you loose perspective, the bigger picture, some rational thinking... and so your mind will take on and think negative thoughts. You will feel lazy, unmotivated, and victimised... But the more rest you can have and the more you can switch your mind off, the more energy (immunity) and creativity you will have....So instead of fighting the laziness, and the lack of energy, Use it to Relax, turn it into self care, use it to stop thinking.. just stop being bothered thinking all the crap, and being 'Somebody', and with everything you do, do it with this slowness you feel, embrace it, it is after all your body's way of telling you to slow down so that it can get it's immunity and strength back...

Then start to discipline yourself and your thoughts. Every time you think something negative, tell yourself that, that was a garbage thought and throw it out, think of your body like a room that you sleep in; don't fill the walls of your room with negative pictures, fill your room with happy pictures, good things.

Every time you put up a negative picture (think a negative thought) replace it with what you want to see and appreciate.
So every negative thought you think, replace it with a positive thought or of something you appreciate, discipline yourself to catch yourself out on every negative thought, and even if it takes you 5 minutes to think of something good to replace the bad thought with, don't let one negative slide, eventually it will become just as much a habit of thinking positive as it has thinking negative. And you will find that when negative things do happen to you in your life, you will actually have enough strength and composure to deal with it, .. You may even be so present in such a bad circumstance that you save someone else from a nasty turn, or perhaps even save their lives.

.. And You will come to find yourself sitting happily in this wonderful room inside yourself, like a Retreat or an Oasis to rest in....

And so what follows is instead of thinking about what you don't have or can't do, you start to think about what you can do and what you do have...

Fill yourself up, Fill your life up, take responsibility for your own life, Take Charge!!!!!

Start something new, maybe learn a language, start writing something, poetry, a story, go to the library and get a whole stack of books and read one a week, learn to draw, download a graphic art program, start collecting your favourite music, or DVD movies and watch and listen to one a day, learn to cook, sew clothes, build motorbikes, etc.. Do one thing that you can work on and get real good at it and form a connection/bond to it, and then build/learn/collect more things from there...

Don't ever think your life doesn't mean anything; even if it means nothing to everyone else, make it mean something TO YOU! Have your OWN Life!

And if you must compare to others to feel better, just think; while you feel like life is such a struggle, there is someone out there living on the street in a box, alone with no family, no one to love them, no possessions, not knowing where their next meal is coming from, scraps of clothing, no shoes, …... There is someone out there who can only afford one meal a day, living on 2 minute noodles, there is someone struggling through severe illness, or is blind, can't walk... etc etc...

And if you just read this and felt better, whether you are depressed or not, that should indicate to you that YOU can change YOUR feelings at any stage by what you think and what you tell yourself, it means feelings are impermanent and can change and when you reflect of what you have already overcome then you know that you can overcome this and anything that comes your way, just as you have done before, you have and carry the power to change how you feel and succeed for yourself.

****Rest – (relax on the couch, clear your mind and take up mediation – I have written out a basic mediation below)

****Replace every negative thought with a positive one – (Fill the room inside yourself with good pictures)

****Gain a new skill or connection to something -(Grow your OWN LIFE)

11 'Thoughts To Make You Think' Helen Leigh


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