(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh - http://thoughtstomakeyouthink.doomby.com  - Chapter One - Personal Development)

Master your 'Sleep Zones', learn that when you stop struggling against everything, that things just start to become easier and work in your favour and what you desire comes to you instead of you struggling to grab it. Metaphorically you are walking around with a clenched fist and your nails are digging into your palm and you think that by clenching tighter that the pain will go away, when in fact all you have to do is open up your hand and stretch out your fingers and ... Let Go...

Don't run the list of why, and what, happens, if you let go, just let go. The more sleep you get (as in the more switched off and relaxed you are, no thoughts, no worries, no 'things' you need or need to do) the more you can manifest what you want and desire, if you stop struggling and trying, you start to pick up on how life is really running ..on a quieter, slower, level.. The more you can switch off and relax, the more energy you feel, the more energy you feel the more you start to create ideas and feelings, the more ideas and feelings you have the more dream energy you get, and dream energy is the thing that will enable you to shape your reality into what you desire. Stop struggling for an unknown future, instead TURN ON, TUNE IN AND...



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