POEM - 'Is There A Tiny Man In Your Ear Too'??? - By Helen Leigh

(from  - Imagination and Playful Poetry By Helen Leigh)

Inside the crease of my left ear,
Was not a strand of my own hair,
But instead it was a tiny chair?
Atop this chair sat a tiny man,
Who's golden glow was an ear wax tan,
And this is how it all began....

Upon my finger; through magnifying glass,
He wrote me notes of all his tasks,
I read each one with ooh's and gasps!
This orange man in a 3 piece suit,
Has been telling me what I should do,
Including writing this to you!

He pointed his finger to my head,
'You never hear a word I'v said',
'Inspiring you's like waking the dead'!
'But now it's time that you will hear,
So put me back inside your ear,
There is so much to do in there'!

So back he went and alerted the town,
From Black Wax Eddie to Creamy Goldie Brown,
And Sounded the ear drum for all to come now.

With a rush of noise in my ear,
It all became so crystal clear,
You wont believe what I can hear...
Millions of voices like waxy ideas,
Making pictures and images and worlds within ears,
And all kinds of imaginings, happening there.

He did tell me of other Towns,
So listen carefully to your ear sounds,
There maybe a man on a chair sat down,
With a golden glow of your wax tan,
Could be your own 'little man',
And now you can tell how your life began


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