From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh -  - Chapter One - Personal Development)

People get confused between care and morals, and mix the two together.

Care is unconditional and allows others to do and say what they feel, but morals have conditions on everything, it restricts how people should act, say and do and dictates how they should be treated if they don't abide by moral standards.

Morals judge and blame and if you use them, you become numb.

Being Numb happens out of hardness and when we choose to use our emotions on others and become offended.

If you witness something offensive, your initial reaction is to decide that you don't like it, you then become upset and emotional and then make the decision to deal with the offender, but in having to action out your moral disgust, you then have cut off your feelings and out of your own fear and disgust, treat the offender or offence like they are a Numb-ber, this could be your family member, spouce, kids, friends, pets etc..

You go 'Numb' to teach them a Moral 'lesson'.

This is how soldiers in wars 'seemingly' kill without remorse, how torture of others happens and how Men, Women and Children are killed on mass as 'casualties of war'; objectified for a Moral Cause, because each side felt they were doing what was right and just and took all feelings out of it, they treated other human beings like objects, just as we do, when;.. say,.... in a domestic situation, when a wife catches her husband watching porn, she has an emotional reaction and then, instantly 5 or 10 + years of knowing who this man is, gets wiped and suddenly he has no feelings or point of view, he is just this one thing, and it doesn't matter how good he is in life or how well he treats her, she now has a moral obligation to say whatever she feels like and to torture him..

On a different angle, if you see a person hitting a dog, and this is something that offends you, it is still your choice to get emotional about it, you can stop the person, just as you should stop anything inflicting pain on something, but it is still your choice as to whether you Judge them or not and then start beating them as they beat the dog... It is your choice to either stop then by becoming them or stop then but still hold your feelings; love...

You can also get completely power mad with enjoyment in putting people in their places, and being up on a high horse, and some people love the drama, and negativity and forget that the reason they are doing it in the first place is to have more care and relaxation, not constant fighting in negativity, some also turn it into a way that they can talk about themselves and the great person they are, and rub it in the faces of others. (Ego)

Always go for the path that lets more love in not less, more ease and more forgiveness.


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