(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh - http://thoughtstomakeyouthink.doomby.com  - Chapter One - Personal Development)

Instead of feeling sorry about what has happened or is happening to you, learn from it.

Instead of hiding in your problems, feeling victimised and sorry for yourself, use them as tools to help others and improve yourself and Life.

Use your experiences, to form character and change the bad things in your life into blessings for others.

Without the experiences/obstacles we all face, we would not know how to treat others in a similar position to us, and so instead of overcoming them and then running away; pretending we never experienced the hardship, if we instead develop compassion and understanding, we can create more love.

Most times without learning compassion we don't get to see what our Soul's calling is and who we are supposed to be.
When we stop blaming everyone else, and instead think: 'What is my part in my problems? and how can I change myself?'
Then we can actually start 'doing' something of real value with the precious lives we have been given.

Most people .. Have Huge Potential ...Unrealised.

So use everything that comes your way as something to grow from and gain strength from to become formidable in both character and action.

**** (as an add to this)*****

Learn to always tell the truth even if it feels bad to do so, or you look bad, like a looser,
and even if you don't get personal revenge in doing so; tell the truth when the odds are stacked against you and people won't like you telling it; but YOU get to hold this strength of Character and a faith in yourself, what you are doing, who you are, and who/what you stick up for/ value.

Turn your overwhelming weakness into your abominable strength.


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