POEM: 'THE ANGEL QUEEN' - By Helen Leigh

(from - Imagination and Playfull Poetry By Helen Leigh)

The Angel Queen was born from a Star,
When the Moon was newly made,
It's luminescent glow shone on to the Star,
And the Queen was the Gift it gave.

She Travelled to Earth to protect it from harm,
And all that upon it tread,
She is the sound of the Wind, the rhythm of the Rain,
And the voice inside your head.

She is; In form, just 1 inch tall,
No bigger than a Bug,
Her Wings are made from Snail Shells,
For her, they now are Slugs.

The Wings are bound by The Spider Queen,
As there is no finer thread,
And her Wisdom and Magic is patterned in them,
With the Instinct of All Unsaid.

Her Hair's the Eyelashes that fall when we Laugh,
And her dress; The first Hair that we Shed,
She's the keeper of Souls, and makes us Great,
And the giver of our Road Ahead.

In her left hand she holds a Pencil; Carved,
From the root of the Tree of Knowledge,
In her right is a Book, she writes on the World,
Transforming our Fears into Courage.

This Pervasive Queen, like the Stars overhead,
Watches over us wherever we are,
Spins the Earth on its Axis, And tilts it a bit,
If we need it a little Ajar.


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