(From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh -  - Chapter One - Personal Development)

A lot of People don't realise that most of their problems/obstacles in life, or their issues with relationships etc.. is actually 'Them' and not other people.

When you are young you always blame everyone and it is always someone else doing something 'to you', and it is 'them' being flawed; But later on in life, you start to see more of your own flaws, you see that perhaps some of your problems with, relationships, jobs, finances etc... Were something 'You' were making.

For example, in your Relationships, perhaps the people in your life that ignored you or didn't give you the love you wanted; Didn't, because you were quite selfish, (self focused) or you had a bitchy/asshole side that kept sabotaging the good that you built, perhaps you didn't really have your own identity or love for yourself and so you would copy other people trying to be like them to have self esteem and be 'somebody' and in turn no one could respect you, treating you like a nobody (because in affect you were; in not creating yourself and stealing others energy) …Perhaps in the same vain, you never stuck up for anything or anyone, and would gossip with others and allow them to speak bad about another, or, would go along with it to be 'Polite', ….you would just go wherever the 'wind' took you and liked whatever anyone liked or stood up for things only when others did etc.. and in turn became this kind of 'flake' that people walked all over, or Manipulated…..because they could....... and you didn't really mean anything or give anything.

Or your jobs didn't work out because you were doing it for the title, to try to impress others, or for your own ego and as such you ended up surrounded by people who reflected ego and played: 'who has the most power wins' games, and it was something you didn't want or enjoy.

Perhaps you didn't ever become Financially Independent because you were so busy trying to be 'Rich' for your own purposes that in affect, money became valueless for you, it meant nothing, a status, and so within you, you knew it wasn't anything of real substance and so you never really dreamed or manifested anything out of it,.. With it... to use it for something greater, and so you would keep blocking it.

Once you start to realise that life is just about your own reflection, and What you are Giving Out and Making is What is being Given and Made Back to You, then you start to make changes to yourself that really give you the things that you enjoy and really see things start to change in your life.


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