POEM - 'There's a place for you' - By Helen Leigh

(from - Life and lessons Poetry By Helen Leigh)

*There is a place for you,
A gap and a space for you,
And you can drop all your attitude,
The act is so cool,
But I'm telling you,
In this space,
It's Unconditional.

Rewind it back,
In a head nodding atmosphere,
Where yes,
You are the best,
And there is no trying here,
And where you go,
And how you flow,
Is now crystal clear.

Your core truth is a sword,
Protection or pain,
Depends on your skill,
On your word,
On your name,
You're brighter than the Sun;
Stronger than a hurricane.

The place is here for you,
Waiting for your follow through,
Your luck is standing by,
For its happy-go cue,
It's in your hands,
Make a stand,
Speak your Truth.


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