From my book of Aphorisms- 'Thoughts To Make You Think' By Helen Leigh -  - Chapter One - Personal Development)


As a discipline, ask yourself if thinking what you are thinking; giving you a Positive (giving you energy, going somewhere) or a Negative (draining your energy, going no where)

We exist beyond our thoughts or 'Status' - : Who am I? (unanswerable fear question)

We are energy; feeling...

When you were a baby, you didn't know who you were, yet you existed; and experiencing life...

In an Orgasm, do you care who you are or even that you have a body?..:) .... (pleasure)

You exist and continue to be Who You Are without having to tell yourself or anyone else who you are; and so you are Energy, … Because you are energy, you are directed by FEELING, And You will be led by where ever you Tell yourself to go.

You have the 'freedom' to Think.. This freedom is given to you, so direct it to love, tell yourself loving things, happy things, good things and make sure you direct yourself away from following dead paths or fear paths that lead you no where..

Why tell yourself you are shit at something? Why know this? Why tell yourself you got something wrong, said something wrong or that you can't do something, why even bring it up?

Aren't you worth more than giving yourself pain??

If you did something to hurt someone or did something that had a negative affect on you, you don't have to tell yourself not to do it again.. unless you are mentally disabled in some way..:).. I mean; you don't touch the hot element on the stove every day to remind yourself that it will burn your finger, and then burn your finger over and over do you??!.. So, You don't have to replay a bad 'incident over and over to 'learn', or to 'Remember'; not to hurt another, not to make yourself look bad ,not to get tricked the next time, or to plot revenge when it happens again.. You know it was bad, you Felt it and you also know by your FEELINGS that you Don't want that.. You don't have to write things down or map them out, that is why we have experiences.. You learn then move on, or repeat several times and then move on.. (generally in my case :) )

The less you talk, both inward and outwardly, the more you gain, as it isn't what you say that directs your life, it is how you feel; how you feel about yourself, others, life.. Feelings are an extension of yourself and they extend you outward too. You didn't think yourself into existence (i.e.: Mathematically thought constructed your body, hair, skin, nationality with chemical compound ratios and measurements) you Dreamed yourself in, felt yourself in and everything you have been given hasn't been the product of your controlled mind and planning, you can't control others, their decisions or what happens next, but it has been your 'Connection' to things, how you felt, how you reached out, and what was 'Drawn' to you.... That is how you decide what to do next, and where you steer your life, it comes from inspiration... joy... feeling. That is what drives you....
In fact.... You don't have to think at all, or know yourself or know anything to Exist and be magnificent, so don't think yourself out of it.. :)


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